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“Vinetree Honghe” project

”Vinetree Honghe“ project is located in Honghe County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is the newest project of "Vinetree", a ecotourism brand, who is to create the first boutique tent resort in China -"Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort". It is also one of the many projects Taihor co-invested.

“Vinetree Honghe” project includes the “Vinetree Honghe Valley Tented Resort” and the rejuvenation of ancient villages of Suhong Hani terrace. “Vinetree Honghe Valley Tented Resort” will born in the ruins of an ancient Hani village, named “Stone Village”, which is the neighbor of the world cultural heritage “Honghe Hani Terrace”. The theme of “Vinetree Honghe Valley Tented Resort” is archaeological expeditions, full of mysteries. “Suhong”, a deserted, complete and authentic Hani village, attracted a lot of attention due to its adjacency to Samaba terraces, the largest single terrace in the world, which is part of the “Honehe Hani Terrace”. Under the work of master architect Zhang, Yonghe and his extraordinary team, “Suhong” is being given a second life, to become the most attractive ecotourism destination in China, to pioneer a new road for the sustainable development of the world cultural heritage.

“Vinetree Honghe” project will open up to the outside world in 2017, cooperating with the Samaba scenic area in Honghe.