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Chairman Xue, Zhifeng

Xue,Zhifeng graduated from Tsinghua University in 1997,received his doctoral degree in engineering from Tsinghua University in 2005,and his master degree in business administration from Peking University in 2008.He is a member of the special committee on central population and environmental resources of Jiusan Society.At the same time he is also a member of the expert committee on green building logo of ministry of building,a member of the national building technical committee.

Xue, Zhifeng participated in setting up many industry standards. He is the chief editor of 7 monographs including “energy saving diagnosis and reforming of the existing buildings”. He owns dozens of patens, and has undertook and completed dozens of important research projects. Xue, Zhifeng has won the Beijing science and technology progress award and has also been offered many awards including “high-end leading talent in Zhongguan Cun”, “talent of the innovative talent promotion program of national ministry of science and technology”, and “one hundred leading talents in science and technology in Beijing city ”

Xue, Zhifeng founded CECEP.Valeen Technology Co., Ltd. In 2015, Xue, Zhifeng invested and established Taihor Co., Ltd, which attracted a group of talents in technology and management, focusing on new urbanization and green living. Xue, Zhifeng is currently the chairman of Taihor.

Vice president Zhong,Tianjiang

Zhong,Tianjiang graduated from Guanghua school of management, Peking University, with a master degree in business administration. Zhong,Tianjiang has rich industry and business management experience in building decorations, real estate developments, and other related businesses. He used to be the president of MOMΛ (China) Co.,Ltd. (the stock code is 1107.HK). Zhong,Tianjiang was invited to involve in the early preparation of Taihor in 2005, and is one of the co-founders. He currently is the vice president, in charge of project investment and business operation.

Taihor attracted a group of talents in technology and management. The core team has extensive experience in development of energy saving and environment protecting products and engineering applications.