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Research background

In china, the research on green buildings started from establishment of evaluation criterion and build of demonstration buildings.

The development from the “evaluation system of green Olympics” aimed at Olympic venues in 2003 to the “evaluation criterion of green buildings” now are mandatorily required by our county, extremely promoted the scientific and technological level of the consulting business, designing institute, building, real estate and other related business in china.

In 2005, the completion of the first demonstration green building in china – The ultra-low consumption building in Tsinghua University, enormously promoted the popularization and application of new building technologies and building products in large commercial buildings in china.

From criterion to demonstration to popularization, the buildings in our cities are becoming greener and greener.

The village development and city development are very different. Innovative ideas are needed to bring technologies and products that have been maturely used in the city development to village development with low cost and easy maintenance.

Key technology

1.Green building technology system suitable for villages and scenic spots.

According to the special requirements in buildings in villages and scenic spots, Out of ordinary, Taihor chose the suitable “four saving–environment protecting” technology, to build the green standards together with cooperative partners and suppliers.

2.Removable, assembled green buildings

Building industrialization is the one to lead the future industry direction.Around the world,according to the strictest green standards,Taihor custom-made light steels, wood houses,container houses,and new material tents. Each item was designed individually,to achieve the harmony between natural landscape and cultural environment.