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Research background

In china, the research on building energy conservation started from collecting data and analyzing data. Starting from the late 1990s, professors and students in Tsinghua University have been conducting filed testing and diagnosing on all types of public buildings in Beijing city and have collected a large number of real data. This approach was copied by universities and research institutes all around the country, leading to a large amount of achievements in scientific research over the past 20 years, and also leading to methods to reduce the energy consumption of buildings’ “user end”. From 2008, under the joint effort of a huge number of energy-saving companies, by using real data from online monitoring, the nationwide “energy-saving monitoring platform” has made the buildings’ facilities management work improved to an accurate level.

The main part of the new technology on buildings energy’s “supply end” is solar energy photovoltaic. From 2009, through the two policies “Golden roof” and “Golden sun”, a large number of demonstration projects on photovoltaic plants and photovoltaic buildings have been built in china, and the large-scale application has been very mature.

The corresponding green technology on “converting and transmission end” and “discharge end” has also been widely applied in the city development.

The village development and city development are very different. To lower the energy density of buildings, to improve the condition of infrastructures, to increase the requirement of discharge controls, innovative ideas need to be brought to the energy conserving and environment protecting technology from “supply end” to “discharge end”.

Key technology

The urban microgrid technology, invented by Taihor, is a complete technical package, aimed at the village building and scenic spot building in the process of new urbanization. With the general name “UMOVE”, it promotes the suitability of related technologies and products in city buildings in the following 5 ways.

Taihors urban-micro technology "UMOVE";includes the three systems "electricity","water" and "intelligentization";in supply end,converting and transmission end,user end and discharge end.

1. Urban Microgrid Technology (Electricity): UMOVE green energy with zero consumption

Thoroughly consider the technology utilization of the passive side, decrease the energy consumption of buildings down to net zero. Functional energy are all provided by solar energy, wind energy, air energy, and biomass energy. Generate electricity use wind and light complementarily to incessantly utilize green energy.

2. Urban Microgrid Technology (Water): UMOVE ecological environment protecting with zero discharge

Fully achieve miniaturizing, decentralizing, and assembling in the environmental technology to purify the drinking water, process the sewage, recover the waste heat, and protect the ecological wetland, to achieve zero discharge, and zero interaction of the surrounding ecological environment. “Wave my hand, not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away”.

3. Urban Microgrid Technology (Intelligence): UMOVE internet + remote control

Adopt the core technology of intelligent buildings, internet of things monitoring, and internet + facility managing; Build centralized control platform; Integrate the three big modular including environment monitoring, energy managing, and intelligent control, and the ten subsystems into one management interface. Operation personnel can remotely operate or monitor all the systems in the central control room or by remote network. Operation and maintenance stuff can achieve “see clearly, control meticulously, monitor exactly” using one single button, and can thoroughly resolve the management bottleneck of the energy conserving and environment protecting facilities that it can be afford to construct, not afford to use.